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Gripen Erieye

Saab 泰国

Saab in 泰国

The partnership between 泰国, Saab and Sweden has delivered a unique level of advanced capabilities to the Royal Thai Armed Forces that help to ensure national sovereignty across air, 陆地和海洋.

泰国 stands out as one of Saab’s most significant customers thanks to the development, delivery and support of a complete national air defence command and control network for the Thai armed forces.

泰国 operates Gripen fighters and Erieye airborne surveillance systems, all connected through a secure high-speed datalink network that gives Thai command authorities full situational awareness across the entire nation. This netcentric warfare capability is one of very few complete systems actually operational anywhere in the world.

Saab has been active in 泰国 since the mid-1980s and other key capabilities supported by Saab include radars and air defence on land and at sea, ground combat systems, naval combat management systems along with training and simulation for the armed forces.

Saab’s world-leading position in civil air traffic management is reflected in 泰国 where Saab solutions are in operation at the country’s four largest airports.

Through a strong tradition of working with local partners Saab has already transferred important advanced technology and know-how into 泰国. Current and future partnerships will build on that solid track record to develop new solutions for civil security and air traffic management, among others. Saab support’s 泰国’s ambition to develop new sectors of national industry and to further secure prosperity and independence through enhanced local capabilities.

Saab 2000 AEWC
“Saab’s presence at every level across the Royal Thai Armed Forces is great testament to our ability to supply and support highly advanced systems to demanding customers all around the globe. Our strong partnerships with Thai industry show that there is great potential here to enhance and upgrade these systems and to develop new solutions together that meet the needs of the Thai people.”
Fredrik Lindblom, Head of Saab 泰国


Fredrik Lindblom

Head of Saab 泰国